My First Novel Goes Through the Professional Editing Process

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Friends, as of February 12, my first novel (I wrote one in my early twenties, but I had a lot to learn, so I’m not counting that one now), Passage of Promise, was handed over to my delightful and diligent professional editor.  This is after three years of revisions and beta readers from my online critique group.

Incidentally, you can check out my editor’s credentials in her lovely blog called The Editing Pen, here.

My manuscript with advised changes, etc. will be returned to me March 1.  When I’m done making the changes, it’s on to submitting my novel to publishers I think would be interested.  I also may self-publish if my manuscript isn’t accepted.  Either way, my novel will be published some time in the coming months.  Therefore, I hope to have a professional book cover design with a blurb about my story for you to look at in the coming weeks (probably some time in mid April).  Oh, and the genre for this novel is (Orthodox) Christian Women’s Fiction. 😀

I’m looking forward to this momentous occasion, especially seeing my book in print form.  This is my biggest dream. ❤  I hope you will continue journeying with me in my writing endeavors, and perhaps you’ll want to read my little novel when it comes out. 🙂



14 thoughts on “My First Novel Goes Through the Professional Editing Process

    1. Thank you! I do plan to share the book cover (front and back so you can the synopsis of the story) when it’s completed in mid March (the book designer will have it done before April!). 🙂 Thank you again!


      1. Same I write a story but I don’t complete it, busy schedule I missed daily target. That is big achievement for fellow, and best courage of life. Good wishes.


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