Reading Your Manuscript Out Loud

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Eureka!  What a difference reading your manuscript out loud is compared to reading it to yourself!  I bet you already do this, but for me, I’d read a few paragraphs here and there, but never the whole novel.  Well, that’s what I’m doing as of yesterday and today and tomorrow, and it is amazing!

Reading my sentences and dialogue aloud has helped me to hear how natural the dialogue is and how the words flow in my text.  I was pleasantly surprised how 98% of it already sounded great before I inserted my final revisions.  After I’m done, I’ll be sending it back to my editor for a final scan.  Then, it’ll be all polished up and set for submission, and if it’s not accepted, it will be self-published.

Share with me if you practice reading your stories out loud.  If this is a regular practice, what have you learned from it?


8 thoughts on “Reading Your Manuscript Out Loud

  1. I always read things out loud if I dare think they are complete. I’ve also taught my daughter this tip, and it has served her well. I think when you’re reading, if a sentence doesn’t come out naturally there is a problem. FYI….just listened to my daughter read aloud two essays for internship applications…

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