The Good and the Bad on the Believed Minimal Coverage for Sanders


Reading over several articles the past couple of days, it has come to my attention that less coverage of Bernie Sanders by the Mainstream Media is not such a bad thing. Why do I say this? Of course, I nodded in agreement about the senator from Vermont having suffered from less media exposure and less flattering stories on his responses and policies, but let’s think about two positive points on this. Media bias for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been prevalent. I do believe these two were the establishment’s picks from the beginning. But I ask you. How many people are already sick and tired of Trump and his perpetual incoherent stances on issues, whenever he actually discusses them? Some people are just tired of seeing his face all over their TVs and on the Internet. His negativity rating is high at 70% for women and 58% for men in recent gallup and CBS polls. Hillary’s negativity rating is 52%. Just like after Disney’s Frozen came out and the public was assaulted daily by that annoying song from the movie for months and even years following its theatrical release, for which I ended up loathing the movie in short time, I believe the same is and will happen to Trump. His days with the majority of delegates may well be dwindling. But Bernie hasn’t been overexposed as of yet. I do think he’s gotten more publicity after his past wins in several states’ primaries, but the Mainstream Media mentioned these wins in a dutiful manner to report it, but certainly with no excitement that he is making gains in the polls and closing the delegate gap with Secretary Clinton.

While the Mainstream Media doesn’t believe Senator Sanders will be the Democratic nominee, those on social media believe the opposite. Through Facebook and Twitter, stories of Bernie’s wins, surges in the polls, and gains in recognition have been berning up the net. This contrast is good. It gives the viewer and reader two sides of the story and two or more alternative perspectives on Bernie. If this moderate coverage and Internet news sites’ responses continue, Bernie’s consistent message of ending money and corruption in politics, tuition-free college, and a single-payer Medicare-for-all healthcare plan will endure, free from the ad nauseam effect. Movements for change for our economy and promotion of compassionate social programs for all human beings have been active in our communities for several years now. The wave of change is building and threatens to crash onto the shores of the establishment by the general election. Get ready.


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