It’s Going to Shine

sunshine daisies

As Spring has come upon us with a hint of warmer weather, rain showers, and the sun appearing more often, I’ve added a new opening to my novel, Passage of Promise.

A fellow critter had suggested a different beginning, gave me some ideas, and I went with it and produced something I truly love.

I ran it through my critique group, and eight out of nine critters preferred my newer opening. They said it was a great start and gave a better hook to the story. Yea!

I believe my book will be stellar once I’m done writing in a couple more scenes, revising, editing, and my editor does her final proofing and editing to polish it off. I’m excited. Marina and her journey will be shared with you all…with the world. It’s an inspirational tale of faith, courage, hope, and miracles through Greek Orthodox Christian traditions.

God willing, by some time this summer, my book will be published and out there for people to read. Wish me luck, my friends. It’s the greatest endeavor in my life outside of marriage and children. ๐Ÿ™‚

How did you feel when your first book was published? Share your thoughts!




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