The Holiest Woman in the World Came To Be With Us This Morning

holy Iveron icon


She came at the sound of the thundering bells, the melodic, harmonious hymns of the chanters, and the people awaiting her with feelings of respect, reverence, and love. The Mother of all poured out her nurturing stream of tears through the Holy Iveron Icon—one of God’s many holy paintings in His Church. The subdeacon, Nectarios, who travels with her, shared the miraculous healings and protection of The Theotokos’ maternal prayers and love. Each of God’s children received her sweet-smelling tears through anointment of our cheeks, chins, foreheads, and hands. Furthermore, we experienced her loving presence at the end of the service, kissing her and her Son and our Savior via this glorious icon. Glory to God!




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