A Peek Inside

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Do you appreciate the ability to peek inside books on sale on Amazon and other retailer sites? They allow you to see the interior format, a chapter or two to read to see if the book jives with your reading tastes, and the writing style. For me, the latter has a lot to do with the books I choose to read.

I have so many books stacked on my night stand to read, it takes me a while to get through them. But I do!

So, an update for you. 🙂

The ebook version of my debut novel, Passage of Promise, released today. Now both my ebook and print book are available for purchase. Via Amazon, you are now able to take a peek inside the book and read the first couple of chapters for free.  You can also peek in Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

I hope the chapters you read you like and consider picking up a copy!







But There’s More!

Here’s an explanation and update on my book that is supposed to be out/available today.

My editor set me up with the best (imo and many people’s) printing and publishing platform — IngramSpark. They’ve been around for decades and are the largest printing company with the most retail partners out there, including global reach.

So, when I make changes on my dashboard in my account on their website, I have no control over when the retailers will make the updated changes.

Therefore, my print copy is, indeed, available today on such sites as Barnes & Noble and Amazon (according to what I’ve seen), but my ebook is still showing May 4, 2020 as the release/available date.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If I could do anything to change that, I would. Thanks for your patience!

So I guess I will be celebrating PUBLICATION DAY for my book both TODAY and on MONDAY.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased my book. I hope you enjoy the story!