Two Special Poems From A Guest Blogger

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I’m sharing two poems written last week by my oldest son.  He has a real talent for writing poems, and his ability to write stories is very good as well.  The second poem was written out of stream of consciousness while in English Composition class in which he is the teacher’s assistant.  


You Are The …

You are the many,

That have come together,

You are very similar,

Yet within, are different.

Where you come from is same,

But time is not.


Short or several,

Medium many,

Where have you all come from?

What time has it been?

All clad in green,

Yet all teen.


Names are all same,

Who to blame,

For you did not call,

Yourselves anything like Paul.

Your mothers,

Whoever they are,

Have named you,

But knew not of this fateful meeting.


Who knows what the future shall hold?

Not you, nor I,

Not anybody we know,

Only those who are prophets,

But long gone are they.


Who or what has done this to you?

Your eyesight dim,

Your structure changed.

Your mouth mute,

Tongue is tied.

This was not you …


Who has changed you?

Who has mutated you?

How did this happen?

How was it done?

What more has happened to you?


Strength has grown,

Yet passive are you.

Please, whoever has harmed you,

Tell me …


Author’s note:  I did not know the meaning of this poem when I was writing it, so the meaning is up to you to interpret it.



Hidden away within,

The grayness of the cavern,

Lies a beast dormant,

Just waiting to be woken.


When it wakes,

Many try to stop it.

No one wishes its freedom,

So back to the depths it goes.


There it festers and growls,

Nudging, gasping, clawing,

So that it may gain,

What it has lost.


The grayness of that cavern,

Becomes filled with the beasts,

From the other side,

Yet no one stops them.


Only one has the key,

Only one has the power,

Only one has the command,

And that one is … You.


By Nicholas Robey


My son, Nicholas, does reviews of Nintendo video games, but I’m encouraging him to post his many poems, so look for them in the coming weeks.  Please visit my son’s blog.   





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