The Catalyst for Your Writing?

Writing friends,

What compelled you to write your first book or short story?

What made you stick to writing stories over the years?

What’s your favorite thing that happens when you write?

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These questions just popped into my head, so I decided to share them in a blog post.

I am asking myself the same questions. Here’s what came to mind in my responses to these questions:

What compelled you to write your first book or short story? When I picked up writing again in 2014, it was my son’s medical history and the power and miracles of God’s holy icons. This was my first story after a nearly 18-year hiatus.

What made you stick to writing stories over the years? The characters and storylines that would enter my head and stay there for more than a few days. I had to write their stories.

What’s your favorite thing that happens when you write? Getting lost in my own storyline and its characters, through writing the scenes. Being in that zone is one of the most amazing and beautiful moments in life to me.

Fellow Writers, please share your responses to these questions. I’d love to see them and discuss. And writer or just reader, perhaps you have something to comment on regarding my writing thoughts. Keep writing!


Your Reading Audience May Be Growing When…

When I published (with the help of my awesome editor) my first book, Passage of Promise, in May of 2020, I’d expected that maybe a grand total of 20 people (at first, I thought 10) would hopefully buy my book. Certainly, some of my family members and close friends might buy my book, but I couldn’t be sure.

Within the first month, I’d surpassed 20 books sold. And in the next several months, over 100 copies of my novel had sold. To me, this was a huge success and, to be honest, a very pleasant surprise.

When my second novel, What She Didn’t Know, was published March of this year, I hoped those who enjoyed my first book would return for this one. Turns out, they did, and I had 45 pre-orders the month before the release of my book. The copies of this book doubled that of my first novel in the first couple of months.

But writing, revising, publishing, and marketing books are A LOT of hard work. It doesn’t come easily. However, I continue to write and put out my books because I had so much to write about over the last six years, and that’s always a good thing.

I wondered if my book would reach strangers.

Well, they had and have.

Word of mouth is a wonderful phenomenon. A real blessing.

Both my novels, Passage of Promise and What She Didn’t Know, are carried at a local county library, and have been checked out a multitude of times in the last several months to a year.

People I don’t know are checking out my books at the library, and it brings me such joy!

A few days ago, a reader on Goodreads, who I don’t know, had apparently read my book, Passage of Promise, and left a nice review. Wow!

So, this is how you know your reading audience is growing. Strangers have found my books interesting enough to buy and read and even leave a review.

Writers out there, have you had similar experiences?

I hope sharing my story will inspire other authors out there. Reach out to your local library and small bookstores in your area. They’re a great support system, and new people may discover your books as they have mine. They probably already have for your books!

These are some of the joys of being an author.


Let Me Share a Little of What She Didn’t Know

Check out my casual, short video of me reading a few excerpts from my excellent novel, What She Didn’t Know, that was published March 1, 2021. If you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it online on Amazon, B&N, and other retailers.

Just an FYI, I’m no video expert or anything. lol But I hope you enjoy my short reads!

You can order What She Know here or from other online retailers. 🙂 Thank you!