Senioritis & The Depths of Burn Out

i just want to be done with college

Calling all college students in their last semester!  This 40-something student is in danger of brain fry and plummeting to the depths of the earth, empty of any thoughts, writing abilities, and reading capabilities.

I’ve got three classes left counting the one I’m in now, which is a 300-level course called American Art.  This class isn’t particularly difficult.  The problem is I’m tired of reading, writing papers, and taking notes.  There is a lot of reading required in this course.  It is basically an American art history course, so obviously, there’s much to read and learn.  If I’d taken this class earlier, it wouldn’t be so grueling.

I’m struggling with focusing on what I’m reading and writing about.  I’ve got a final  paper to write in this class as in most every class except one that I’ve taken these past nearly four years.  In any case, I’ve got one more paper to write in the upcoming class on Wellness, and then it’s a more enjoyable class and perfect class to finish up my degree:  Advanced Creative Writing.

I do suffer from the debilitating disease of senioritis, only in the sense that I’m tired of studying and reading, and writing, and basically THINKING.

senioritis disease

But I’ve not gotten to the point, and hope to not ever get the point where I don’t care.

i don't care senioritis

There’s still a major part of me that does care about getting As.  My grade point average is 3.8, and I worked hard for that.  So, I don’t really want to slip into becoming a C student or carrying the mantra of “I just want to pass the class” in my head.

So, I’m asking for advice from my fellow college student or former college student bloggers out there who might have some tips and encouragement for me.  It’s often good to hear from others who have gone through the same things as you.

But there is an end in sight.  October 28 is the last day of the last class of my college courses.  What can I do to keep this a focus?




4 thoughts on “Senioritis & The Depths of Burn Out

  1. You’ve got this! My suggestion is to take at least one day off from studies and let your mind rest and reboot. I know one day doesn’t sound like much but it can make a difference. Hang in there! Proud of you.

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