Guest Blog Post on Dialogue

Writing the past few days has been quite painful.  Not emotionally or physically, but creatively.  Nothing good is formulating in my head to my fingers to the pencil onto the paper.  The text is wooden, mechanical.  Heck, reading a car manual is probably more exciting than what I’ve put together lately.  I think the culprit is my inner critic butting into my creativity and writing abilities.  Oy!  So, while I’m feeling like what Hemingway says,

hemingway quote 1

I’m sharing a blog post from WOW! Women On Writing Blog. A piece by Sue Bradford called, “Dialogue: 5 Tips for Dazzling Dialogue,” because we can all use a little help, I think, in writing dialogue and all things pertaining to writing fiction.

As I work through the pre-writing on my mystery and get closer to actually writing, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to fiction. Truth be told, mostly, I’m obsessing because I’m getting really worried about writing dialogue for my characters. Because of that, I’ve taken a brief class on dialogue and been doing a…

via Dialogue: 5 Tips for Dazzling Dialogue — WOW! Women On Writing Blog


**I wrote the above post in the middle of last week but am posting it today.  My writing has improved a bit since then, as I continue to work on shedding my loud inner critic who doesn’t belong anywhere near me while I’m scrawling down my WIP’s first draft.




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