On a New Quest

I’m on a new quest for a new medium for my books. To get them out in another manner that may grow my audience.

This quest is to investigate producing audio books or hiring voice actors for audio books or professional audio book editors.

Another consideration via the suggestion from a couple of friends, is for me to narrate my stories myself.

I may give this a try and then hire a professional to edit and polish the recording so that it can be ready to upload on Amazon or Audible.

Having said all of this, I have looked up a bit on the popularity of audio books. They seem to be going up each year. Kind of like podcasts have gained in popularity over the years, as well.

Readers, do you like to listen to an audio book at times?

What type of medium do you prefer for reading a fiction novel?

  1. Physical book.
  2. ebook.
  3. Audio book.
  4. All of the above.

Let me know. Your answers will help me in my researching and working on the possible audio book path that will be in addition to my print and ebooks. Thanks!


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