My gripping and moving novel, What She Didn’t Know, is now available on Amazon (as well as B&N and other retailers) for pre-order of the print copy.

“There’s so much to unpack in this story, which makes it extremely meaty.” – Trisha Messmer, Author

“No reader would ever be bored with this story. A more zest soap opera than one could find on the boob tube. Lots of engaging characters and snappy dialogue, and a narrator telling us about the human condition.” — Robert T. Hunting, Retired Social Worker

***A great read for book clubs***

Publication Date: March 1, 2021


Newest Creation Comin’ Atcha!


My print copy has arrived, and it looks beautiful! Pre-order/order a copy of my newest, awesome novel, What She Didn’t Know, in either print or ebook. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Apple Books, and other retailers March 1, 2021!


Guest Video. Come Inside and See

Those who are into gaming, and in particular Nintendo characters, as well as machinima, I’m sharing the prologue of one of my son’s machinima. It’s his newest work and quite spectacular with a professional voice actor. Video and script are done solely by my son. Check it out. It’s under five minutes. Subsequent episodes will follow. Please check out his channel and subscribe if you find it interesting.