One More Try

I received some more feedback on the blurb for my upcoming novel, What She Didn’t Know. So, once again, I’ve changed it up so that it’s less wordy and more smooth and to the point:

Growing up with an alcoholic abusive father,  Michaela, Gloria, and Seraphima carry deep internal wounds into adulthood.  When a tragic event shatters their world and a long-held family secret is discovered, will they be able to repair their broken ties and heal from the past?


Back to the Original Theme

So, I’ve done a lot of pondering on the blurb for my upcoming novel, What She Didn’t Know, and I’ve revised it to a more all-encompassing theme because the story is equally spread out between all three of the sisters. Therefore, I’ve revised it in the last few minutes and hoping this will be the more likely piece written on the back of my book’s cover:

Sisters Michaela, Gloria, and Seraphima grew up at the hands of an alcoholic, abusive father. Not able to bear anymore beatings, Gloria runs away and isn’t seen for ten years. Meanwhile, their mother pleads for Michaela and Seraphima to find Gloria. A vital nugget of information about their father brings Gloria back home. But the reunion between the sisters is rocky. When tragedy strikes, Michaela, Gloria, and Seraphima struggle to pick up the shattered pieces. In the midst of the chaos, they discover a long-held family secret. Will they be able to repair their relationships and heal from the past?