Update! Update! Read All About It

My newest revised and updated blurb for my upcoming novel, What She Didn’t Know:

Nature-loving Gloria runs away from home at thirteen to escape an alcoholic, abusive father, leaving her mother and two sisters behind. A decade later, Gloria discovers a vital nugget of information about a family member that brings her back home. But she experiences a less-than-ideal reunion. When tragedy strikes, Gloria struggles to pick up the shattered pieces and uncover a long-held secret. Will Gloria be the linchpin to her family’s healing?


Authenticity in Writing

Although all of us authors/writers must do some research in writing our stories when we do not know enough about a certain subject matter, the value of critiques from various other writers is that you learn vital information you may have missed.

You are always learning something new, and with that crucial information provided by your critiques, your story becomes more authentic, which is what we always want for our fiction works.

I gained knowledge in a particular subject this morning to help make one of my character’s hobbies more realistic and believable.

Fellow writers, I hope you are able to connect with critique partners to help strengthen your stories.

Thank God for critiques/feedback!