New, Improved, and More to the Core of the Story

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With much deliberation, I will be going the self-publishing route, post professional editing and with the help of my editor in taking this path.  And after receiving some information from a publisher, an idea came to me that I need to revise the blurb for my novel, Passage of Promise, even though it wasn’t mentioned in the publisher’s response. I think it represents the core and meat of my story much better than my previous blurb. Hope you find it intriguing. (UPDATED)

Marina’s relationships have a rocky history, with a controlling mother, distant sister, and a string of lousy boyfriends. In the midst of her troubles, Marina’s family discovers her four-year-old nephew, Christopher, is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Her mother orders her to go to the Greek island of Santorini to retrieve her great-grandmother’s wonder-working icon of Saints Anna and Mary for healing of her nephew. Fearing Christopher’s condition and desiring separation from her family, Marina accepts the trip with little deliberation. But when she reaches the island and the church that houses the icon, she finds it’s been stolen. Marina recruits a high school English teacher vacationing on the island, to help her search for her great-grandmother’s precious heirloom. During the search, she finds something more than the icon.





9 thoughts on “New, Improved, and More to the Core of the Story

  1. Hi , Thanks for spending your precious time in my blog page, it was pleasure to get a post like from your side ,read some of your awesome blogs , The one in which you have written about ” confidence in our writing skills , touched me a lot , looking forward for your comments and constructive feedbacks for my posts in future.
    Thanks & Regards

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  2. Susan Troop

    This does sound intriguing, something I think I would really enjoy reading! I don’t think I ever got to read the previous version of the “blurb”, but this sounds truly thought-provoking.

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    1. Thanks, Susana! It’s the FINAL blurb and is on the back of my novel’s book cover. I’ll be sharing the book cover in a pic and maybe the physical print copy when I get it mailed to me, so I can inspect in person and see if all looks good before the May 4 publication date. 🙂


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