The Skinny

(courtesy FF Channel via YouTube)

While scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning, for some reason, the newest spring/summer 2020 fashion collection by Christian Dior video popped up and instantly played while it rolled down the computer screen. I stopped and studied each of the models and their outfits.

Now, before I go any further, I think the last time I ever looked at any type of models showing whatever the new fashions were for the season or year, was probably in my twenties. Since then, if I caught any strange styles in magazines while waiting in doctors’ or dentists’ offices back in my 30s and even perhaps a couple in my 40s, I would shake my head at the absolutely ridiculous and ugly pieces displayed on the glossy pages. I wasn’t impressed with the strange concoction of materials the designers managed to sew together into their supposed masterpieces.

So, if you’re a fan of fashion shows and trends and styles are your thing, you probably won’t get much out of this blog post because I’m about to share my problems with what I saw this morning.

I’ll start with I’d forgotten how terribly skinny the models are. Yes, I remember this has been an issue for several decades, but this show brought it all back to my consciousness.

I found that the majority of the models looked the same, but most especially their body types. They all looked at least 20-30 pounds underweight, their faces a bit taunt, some even looking malnourished. It was actually painful to watch.

One of the models had on a dress/skirt just above her knobby knees, and Lord, have mercy, she practically had match sticks for legs.

Their facial expressions, which I assume are supposed to be expressionless, looked a bit zombie-like.

I thought to myself, these poor young women need to gain at least twenty pounds. Their hips looked like they were about to shatter into pieces as they walked in those exaggerated strides.

The designer might as well have carried out the dresses on hangers, because that’s the image I got of these women’s forms.

Now, in the midst of my concern and genuine surprise and disgust, the styles weren’t really that bad, considering the ones I mentioned I’d seen in my younger years. There were some actual classy looking dresses, with a feeling of a throwback to the 1940s and 1950s beautiful, flowing gowns. I liked the predominantly gold clothing.

BUT… there has to come a day when the modeling agencies need to stop starving their models into near death to slip on the designers’ clothes. I feel it is completely unrealistic, unnatural, and frankly, not very attractive. It only promotes anorexia and bulimia, and those diseases destroy lives.

Give those girls some healthy food with a good amount of protein and calories enough that they actually look healthy and not like they’re ready to keel over at any minute, crumbling into dust.

For the love of everything precious in life, let the young women be healthy!






Weary Words

frustrated dude looking at computer

Do you ever have those moments where you’re sitting on the couch watching the news, or you’re driving around doing errands, and the news or social commentaries come on, and a certain group of trendy words in the news realm have rolled through like a tidal wave?

Maybe watching a TV show and the popular, trendy words are shot out of the mouths of the actors, perpetuating those same words over and over again?

Or maybe you’re checking out your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed (where it’s the worst), and those same words are splattered all over the screen tenfold? Most likely even trending on Twitter.

At first, maybe you thought, “Okay, I can understand their using this or that word to describe their emotions, opinions, thoughts, whatever on a particular subject.”

But at some point, if you’ve been hearing these “In” words for several months, maybe even longer and you’re like me, irritation kicks in, no matter your feelings on the topics being discussed and even agreeing a majority of the time with those using those particularly tiresome words.

So, I thought I’d mention a few that have reached the tipping point for me that I’m thinking, “Okay, enough. Let it go, drop this language and move on, for God’s sake.”

And one of them is just so juvenile and stupid, it’s not even run its course, and I’m sick of it already (hint: it’s the first one on the list below).

Here are some of them off the top of my head:








DISAPPEAR (in wrong grammatical usage)

…and the worst one of all:

W O K E 


stressed out woman pulling hair

Look, I get people are frustrated, and they want to express their frustration or anger. As I said, generally, I have agreed with a majority of these people on certain issues. But really, it’s done hopped on that beaten horse, and rode it to death.

Of course, what words will replace these? Probably other tiresome words. Haha.

I’m sure there are many other words that didn’t come to me while typing this blog post. Maybe you know of some I didn’t mention that have reached aggravation levels for you, as well. Feel free to add, if you wish. After all, it’s just a little venting. 🙂





Life Marches – My Take

march for life orthodox christians

The March for Life for this year started January 22 and goes through January 25. I was reading a few news stories about different religious groups attending, including my Orthodox Church’s bishops and brothers and sisters, and that’s a good thing.

I’m all for the life of the unborn. They’re precious humans that their parents co-created with God, which is a beautiful gift. But I do believe in the exception where abortion could be permitted, when it pertains to the danger of loss of life of the mother.

There’s a quote by Matt Walsh going around that says, “Here’s what separates the March for Life from any other march: nobody in attendance is marching for themselves. Nobody is demanding rights or privileges for themselves. Everyone is marching on behalf of those who cannot march.”

I do agree that the March for Life is definitely for the life of those little ones without a voice/unborn. No qualms with that, but I question his statement that it’s the only march for unselfish reasons.

There are a couple of other marches that I think speak for those who don’t have a voice, for those who are innocent and on the brink of death or have succumbed to it:

War and Environmental disasters.

I think it’s important we also stand up for those dying of starvation, drowning in floods, burning in wildfires, and other environmental catastrophes, and those being killed by drones or misguided missiles/bombs.

When people are marching against these wars for profits and other countries’ resources, we are standing for the innocence in the midst of these bloody fights and for those who are sent there by their governments to do the killing for them.

Let’s remember, it’s my belief, this planet was created by God for us to care for and protect all living things. God gave us this world to toil the soil respectably, to treat all living, breathing creatures with care. To be good stewards of all He’s given us. Not to plunder, steal, or cause genocide to our fellow humans or extinction of the beautiful animals roaming the earth with us.

I know I bring up life issues a lot. It popped in my mind because of the March for Life this weekend, and I felt compelled to share, again, the importance of life. Respect all life. He created life.