Moving and Suspenseful Novella

A half hour ago, I was reading over a few revised scenes in my novella, Mourning Dove, and found myself choked up while reading it aloud to my husband and then my son. Can’t believe the character’s emotions evoked such feelings out of me. Yes. This story is coming together and moving toward one more run through with my critique group after the current one before I present it to my editor.

Blurb I’ve got for Mourning Dove at this time:

Gabrielle lost her husband, Andrew, in a car accident six months ago. In the midst of struggling to emerge from her grief, she discovers Andrew’s cousin, Jordan, is homeless. Gabrielle strives to help Jordan in any way she can. While sifting through clothes in her closet, Gabrielle finds notes by Andrew regarding an anniversary gift for her a month before his death. Is Jordan the key to unlocking Andrew’s gift to her? But amid this good will stands a belligerent homeless man hunting down Jordan for a past wrong. Although frightened by this vagabond seen creeping around her property, Gabrielle swallows her fear and focuses on aiding Jordan, giving her a new purpose in life. But will Gabrielle take that new purpose too far?




Ebook vs. Print Book

the many pages of Passage of Proimise April 1 2020

My debut novel, Passage of Promise, will be published on Friday, May 1, 2020.

The book will be available in both digital and print forms. The digital version will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Indigo, and other sites.

The print version will be available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Although, I’m not quite positive my print book will be there on Amazon on the publication date because as of right now, it’s showing it’s unavailable, when this morning, it showed the price and the ability to pre-order it.

I had read that some authors have had problems with Amazon in the past with regards to the retailer cooperating with authors in taking print orders from different printing platforms than their own.

I’m hoping this does not happen with my book for my readers.

If you are a person who likes to read from physical books like I do and Amazon is causing problems or not cooperating when you order, please go to Barnes & Noble’s website and order the print copy there.

If you’re into reading ebooks, any of the sites I mentioned earlier in this post will work.

For me, I spend enough time reading fellow writers’ chapters when critiquing them online and other sites online; therefore, I’m not keen reading a hundred or more pages of a book online. But that’s just my own taste, and I’m older and old fashioned. 😀

You can pre-order on Barnes & Noble, ebook or print copy, and on the other retailer sites for ebook (not sure for Amazon with regards to print copy as I said) pre-orders.

I hope you consider getting a copy of my debut novel, and if you do, that you enjoy Marina’s story. 🙂

Me with PofP final print copy April 27 2020