The Business of a Brilliant Blurb

blurb sign

I’ve been working on my blurb for Passage of Promise, and I believe I’ve gotten it where I want it. With a little help from my husband and oldest son on tweaking a few words, the blurb came together. Hope you like it and find it intriguing!

Marina loves babysitting her four-year-old nephew, Christopher. But when her family gets the shattering news of her nephew’s life-threatening illness, their lives are forever changed.

Marina’s family sends her to the Greek island of Santorini to retrieve her great grandmother’s wonder-working icon of Saints Anna and Mary for healing Christopher. But Marina discovers the icon has been stolen. She recruits a high school English teacher vacationing on the island to help her search for her great grandmother’s precious heirloom. During the search, she finds something more than the icon.

Returning home, Marina must face her fears of Christopher’s serious health condition and her family’s fractured bonds. Will she gain the courage and faith through Saint Anna’s guidance to bring about healing for her family and a love that lasts?




Copyright © 2019 Dorothy Robey

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