What is Success in Writing?

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Some folks believe success in the fiction writing world is when you are a bestseller and are able to make loads of money off your books. This is a rarity, and it’s fine.

Success to me is:

1) The joy of ideas flowing in my mind, writing the scenes from the visions in my head, and finishing the story. It’s a fabulous achievement, first and foremost.

2) Having my book published to share my characters and their world with readers.

3) My characters and storyline reaching and connecting to the reader, leaving an indelible and profound feeling in their hearts and minds.

I believe these are the greatest blessings in the realm of writing fiction books. If you’ve accomplished any of these, you are a winner in my view.


15 thoughts on “What is Success in Writing?

  1. Derek Wagner

    Thanks for the encouraging words! I’m a new writer working towards finishing my first novel and this is a question that I’ve wrestling with. Thanks again!

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    1. Wonderful! Congratulations on beginning your writing journey! How exciting! You’re welcome. I’m so glad my blog post gave you encouragement. Keep on keeping on with your writing. Every step you make is a small successful milestone. πŸ™‚ Happy writing!


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