But There’s More!

Here’s an explanation and update on my book that is supposed to be out/available today.

My editor set me up with the best (imo and many people’s) printing and publishing platform — IngramSpark. They’ve been around for decades and are the largest printing company with the most retail partners out there, including global reach.

So, when I make changes on my dashboard in my account on their website, I have no control over when the retailers will make the updated changes.

Therefore, my print copy is, indeed, available today on such sites as Barnes & Noble and Amazon (according to what I’ve seen), but my ebook is still showing May 4, 2020 as the release/available date.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If I could do anything to change that, I would. Thanks for your patience!

So I guess I will be celebrating PUBLICATION DAY for my book both TODAY and on MONDAY.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased my book. I hope you enjoy the story!




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