There are so many wonderful things in life.

Of course, there are the peaks and valleys we journey through, and the dry times of the desert every now and then as well.

But oh to the wonderful breaths of life who touch you daily.

To Family that always is there to keep you buoyed by their support in their embraces of love and care.

To Friends that pick you up when you’re in that valley, walk with you through those difficult struggles in life, laugh and experience life with you, and are there anytime you need a shoulder and an ear.

To those Strangers you meet every day that lift you up just by their simple words of kindness and smiles.

To Nature that whispers God’s Love and Presence. The silence of the mountains, the gurgling of the streams, the breathing of the trees, as their canopy of green leaves shelters you from the hot sun on sweltering summer days.

To your Pets that are a blessing to you, settling on your lap, rubbing their furry cheek to yours, and the steady rhythm of their purr box tempering your fears, anxieties, and sadness.