An Amazing Read

Check out a couple of the reviews of my newly-released novel, What She Didn’t Know.

“This story is filled with heart-tugging moments as it takes the reader into the lives of three sisters who try to heal from their pasts and see hope for their futures. Touching on tough subjects, the author delicately unfolds a story that has the reader rooting for all the women to have their happily ever after. I loved the distinct and original characters, the emotional depth of the scenes, and the weaving of the three women’s stories together. Masterfully done! I highly recommend this novel.”

“Three sisters, each with their own unique traits and troubles. Each one of them on a journey of discovery. The beautiful prose takes us on the journey with them, sometimes unraveling what they believed was true, but ultimately bringing each of them to a greater understanding of who they are and their relationship with each other.The story will keep you engaged, turning pages to find out what happens next with these compelling, complex, and well-defined characters. Their voices are distinct, and you’ll find yourself relating to each of them in different ways.There are some serious topics explored, but the author handles them with sensitivity.You’ll find yourself pondering the story long after you turn the last page. I highly recommend.”

Meaty, gritty, moving, profound. Available on Amazon, B&N, and other online retailers. Order your copy today!


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