Are You An Empath? Take the Test!

Friends, do you believe you’re an empath? How much of an empath do you think you are? This quiz comes from a coach, who works with people, who have survived the abuse of narcissists. She obtained the quiz from a Judith Orloff book on empathy.

Record your “yes” or “no” answers on a sheet of notebook paper.

Empath Questions:

  1. Have you been labeled too sensitive, shy, or introverted?

2. Do you frequently get overwhelmed or anxious?

3. Do arguments or yelling make you feel ill or uncomfortable?

4. Do you often feel like you don’t fit in?

5. Do you feel drained by crowds and need alone time to revive yourself?

6. Are you over stimulated by noise, odors, or nonstop talkers?

7. Do you have chemical sensitivities or you can’t tolerate scratchy clothes?

8. Do you prefer taking your own car to places, so you can leave early, if you need to?

9. Do you overeat to cope with stress?

10. Are you afraid of becoming suffocated by an intimate relationship?

11. Do you startle easily?

12. Do you react strongly to caffeine or medications?

13. Do you have a low pain threshold?

14. Do you tend to back off in large crowds?

15. Do you absorb other people’s stress, emotions, or symptoms as if they were your own?

16. Do you feel overwhelmed by multi-tasking and prefer doing one thing at a time?

17. Do you replenish yourself in nature?

18. Do you need a long time to recuperate after being with difficult people or energy vampires?

19. Do you feel better in small cities or the country than in larger cities?

20. Do you prefer one-to-one interactions or small groups, rather than larger gatherings?

Four categories for what level of an empath you are:

If you said “yes” to 1-5 questions, you are partially an empath.

If you said “yes” to 6-10 questions, you have moderate empathic tendencies.

If you said “yes” to 11-15 questions, you have strong empathic tendencies.

If you said “yes” to more than 15, you are a full-blown empath!

I came out 14 or 15 (I have “sometimes” on one of the questions). Share your results, if you’d like!


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Discovering the Unknown

Discovering a years-long unknown: A time in your life when you realize the person you’ve been joined together with for nearly twenty-four years you never really knew. That he’s really a stranger that has held many dark secrets.

Who is this man?

However, thanks be to God that although this has been a frightening discovery, it is truly a blessing that releases you from the dark cave you’ve been in all those years.

The Lord guides you toward finding your true self deep within and provides much needed peace as you walk forward on a new path of growth with a great amount of hope.