Respect: A Moving Tribute

A couple of nights ago, I watched on Amazon Prime the movie about Aretha Franklin’s life story called Respect.

It was amazing, moving, touching, and really well done!

I learned so much about her that I didn’t know. In fact, I knew very little of her private life.

Her story is full of suffering, love, triumphs, conflicts, bravery, faith, and redemption.

Her gospel album, Amazing Grace, was the bestselling album of all her fantastic albums.

I decided to listen to the whole album via you tube starting yesterday evening.

So moving. So touching.

I’ve always loved gospel music. It’s uplifting and touches the soul.

Check out Respect. You won’t be sorry.


Guest Video. Come Inside and See

Those who are into gaming, and in particular Nintendo characters, as well as machinima, I’m sharing the prologue of one of my son’s machinima. It’s his newest work and quite spectacular with a professional voice actor. Video and script are done solely by my son. Check it out. It’s under five minutes. Subsequent episodes will follow. Please check out his channel and subscribe if you find it interesting.