Discovering the Unknown

Discovering a years-long unknown: A time in your life when you realize the person you’ve been joined together with for nearly twenty-four years you never really knew. That he’s really a stranger that has held many dark secrets.

Who is this man?

However, thanks be to God that although this has been a frightening discovery, it is truly a blessing that releases you from the dark cave you’ve been in all those years.

The Lord guides you toward finding your true self deep within and provides much needed peace as you walk forward on a new path of growth with a great amount of hope.


A Space to Express Your Thoughts

Dont trade in authenticity for approval


You know what makes blogging wonderful? It gives you a place to share and express your deepest worries, experiences, beliefs, opinions, and good events in your life.

You can reveal your true self, write from the heart about things in the world that are troubling to you. Whether readers agree or disagree with what you poured out and shared isn’t as important as being able to write about events knowing you’ve done so straight from an honest place in your heart, mind, and soul.

It takes courage to do this, even on a blog, and I hope I continue to have that ability to do so.




War & Remembrance

9:11 rubble

On this date 17 years ago, terror attacks happened on American soil.  It lead to subsequent pre-emptive wars, millions of lives lost, eroded rights to privacy and personal freedoms.  Today, I remember all those lives lost on 9/11, including rescuers that worked at the WTC who have died up to now and continue to via cancer, our military, and the innocent lives in all the countries we’ve invaded and bombed.  May the full truth be revealed in the near future.  Praying for justice for the lost and survived.