A Space to Express Your Thoughts

Dont trade in authenticity for approval


You know what makes blogging wonderful? It gives you a place to share and express your deepest worries, experiences, beliefs, opinions, and good events in your life.

You can reveal your true self, write from the heart about things in the world that are troubling to you. Whether readers agree or disagree with what you poured out and shared isn’t as important as being able to write about events knowing you’ve done so straight from an honest place in your heart, mind, and soul.

It takes courage to do this, even on a blog, and I hope I continue to have that ability to do so.




2 thoughts on “A Space to Express Your Thoughts

  1. It does take courage to write!
    I was browsing along this evening, looking for people who might be interested in joining in on the #bloginstead project I’m running. It’s a friendly group of people who are talking to each other via their personal blogs, instead of on social media. Come over and have a look – I think you might fit right in. melindajohnsonwriting.com

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