Book Cover Ideas

Friends, I’m trying out a video to go with my blog. I guess that would be called a vlog? In any case, this is my first attempt at videotaping myself, so I apologize in advance if it sucks. Haha. It’s just over four minutes, so that’s not too much to have to watch my mug and listen to what I’m asking, is it? :O

Anyway, your helpful suggestions in the comments section would be A LOT OF HELP! Thank you!





2 thoughts on “Book Cover Ideas

    1. Not particularly. I looked through book covers and ideas a year or so ago and thought I had it, but through a couple of hefty revising sessions, the book covers I thought I wanted to do, well, it doesn’t feel right. I’ve drawn some ideas a few months ago. But right now, I have absolutely NO imagination or time because 1) I’ve been sick for a week that turned into a sinus infection (still sick), and 2) I’m distracted with my move, via packing, sorting, preparing for a garage sale at some point before the end of September, and buying a house in Colorado (where we’re moving), and so, I’ll have to pick this up after I get settled in Colorado in mid October. Thanks so much for responding, Kate!


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