Respect: A Moving Tribute

A couple of nights ago, I watched on Amazon Prime the movie about Aretha Franklin’s life story called Respect.

It was amazing, moving, touching, and really well done!

I learned so much about her that I didn’t know. In fact, I knew very little of her private life.

Her story is full of suffering, love, triumphs, conflicts, bravery, faith, and redemption.

Her gospel album, Amazing Grace, was the bestselling album of all her fantastic albums.

I decided to listen to the whole album via you tube starting yesterday evening.

So moving. So touching.

I’ve always loved gospel music. It’s uplifting and touches the soul.

Check out Respect. You won’t be sorry.


A Space to Express Your Thoughts

Dont trade in authenticity for approval


You know what makes blogging wonderful? It gives you a place to share and express your deepest worries, experiences, beliefs, opinions, and good events in your life.

You can reveal your true self, write from the heart about things in the world that are troubling to you. Whether readers agree or disagree with what you poured out and shared isn’t as important as being able to write about events knowing you’ve done so straight from an honest place in your heart, mind, and soul.

It takes courage to do this, even on a blog, and I hope I continue to have that ability to do so.




Vulnerable, Honest – Revealing the Heart in Writing

honesty in chinese

The more I write, the more is revealed to me of who I am. Even as I create fictional characters, there is always an aspect of truth to them, and truth to the story. My experiences help me to chisel out events, scenes, and character traits.

In the past few weeks of revising, once again, my novel, Passage of Promise, as I run it through my online critique group, I’ve realized the importance of being honest. Being honest with myself on who I really am, what I truly need to write. Because it comes from a deep, vulnerable place in my heart.

I need to write truthfully, honestly, from the depths of my soul. Writing to please others for which I think they’d be most interested in at this moment in time, will not sustain the timelessness of my story, nor be completely genuine. It won’t make me feel satisfied with what I’ve produced.

mother teresa quote on honesty

It won’t be completely ME, coming solely from my heart, my imagination, my experiences, and my unique voice. All writers possess these. And we should strive to type/write these indelible marks of ourselves on the pages of our stories.

Be courageous. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be Yourself. And let it sparkle within the words of your fictional works.